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Will You Send Me Free Samples Or A Catalog?

Sorry but no. We receive so many requests and we are simply unable to send free samples to everyone. We would be delighted to include samples with your order for full sized products and you’ll find samples and trial sample kits available for purchase here. A print catalog may be purchased for inclusion with your order during checkout.

Can I Buy Samples Of Your Products So I Can Try Before I Buy?

Yes! Our Holistic Skincare Kits contain six trial sized products, including cleanser, toner, day and night moisturizer. They are available for three different skin types and last 1-2 weeks. You can find them here. We also sell a selection of our products as individual samples. You can find our complete sample offering here.

Can I Customize the Samples In My Kit?

Sorry but no. The Holistic Skincare Kits contain a group of samples to compliment a specific skin type and we do not switch out samples or take special requests for this product.

What Products Are Right For My Skin Type?

Shop by skin type and find the perfect products here.

Help! My Skin Falls Into More Than One Category!

You’re not alone! Many people find that their skin falls into multiple types and your skin type can change with the season or stress level. If you’re not sure which products are right for you, Contact a Beauty Advisor here to receive a custom skincare regimen, designed just for you.

What Does My Order Include?

Your order includes complimentary gift-wrap, a smattering of product samples to compliment your order and a limited edition Aromatic Bath that changes seasonally and is exclusively available customers of our online shop.

When Will My Order Arrive?

Most orders for in-stock items are shipped within three business days by UPS Ground or USPS. Please allow up to 6 days time in transit after your order has shipped for arrival.

Are There Other Ways To Place My Order Besides Online?

Of course! Our Customer Service staff is available to take your order or answer product questions by phone at 1-877-668-8690 during our business hours of Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm. Keep in mind we are on east coast time. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Sorry, we do not accept mail orders, money orders or personal checks.

Can I Send Nahla As A Gift?

Yes! When ordering products as a gift for someone special, just note your order is a gift in the comments section during checkout. All orders include complimentary gift-wrap and our packing lists do not include pricing or payment information. If you would like a handwritten gift message included, just include your gift message in the comments or gift message section of your order during checkout and we’ll have one of our staffers with pretty handwriting give your gift that personal touch.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We accept returns within fourteen days of receipt for store credit only. If a product fails to meet your expectations, please contact us to receive a return authorization and return shipping instructions. We do not accept returns on products missing more than 25% of their contents, individual samples or sample kits, lip balm, sunscreen, chocolate, flower essence remedies, Zoya nail polish or bar soaps. Free shipping, gifts with purchase and other discounts and special offers are only available on orders that, less the return, still qualify for the promotion. Those that do not will have the applicable charge deducted from the return. Cancelled orders and items returned unused are subject to a 15% restocking charge, before store credit is issued. We regret we are unable to refund shipping charges for any reason. We reserve the right to limit returns to two products per order. If you are new to Nahla or natural skincare in general, we encourage you to start slowly and begin with one of our sample trial kits or purchase individual samples.

I Live Outside The US. Will You Ship To Me?

We offer shipping within the United States and Canada. Customers outside the US are responsible for all applicable duties and taxes. Those outside the US and Canada can contact Customer Service to find a distributor in your area.

I'm Using Natural Skincare For The First Time. What Can I Expect?

Congratulations on taking this healthy step. Visit New To Natural for lots of great information on taking the healthy skincare plunge.

Are The Products Natural?

Yes. We work exclusively with food grade, cruelty-free and natural source ingredients, almost all of which are certified organic. We source the purest, highest quality ingredients from local farmers, artisan producers, cooperatives and small businesses in an inquisitive and discerning fashion and never compromise on purity, ever.

My Product Looks Different Than Last Time?

At Nahla, our products are made by hand from completely natural ingredients. This means, our products may vary from batch to batch due to growing conditions, plant varietals and the growing region. Your products may look darker or lighter than previously or botanical sediment may be present. These differences do not impact the quality or potency of the product; they are simply indicators of natural, handmade skincare.

I Thought Oil Clogs Pores. Why Do You Use It?

Pure plant oils will not clog your pores, cause breakouts or make your skin oilier. Rather, the right natural plant oils are the best way to balance oil production, heal blemishing and dryness and efficiently regenerate and renew your skin. Here’s how your skin works in a nutshell: Your sebaceous glands are responsible for making a substance called sebum that empties onto the skin’s surface through your pores. Sebum is your skin’s method of moisturizing and protecting your skin and is actually a good thing because it helps to keep your skin looking youthful and supple. However, when those of us with a tendency toward dryness use heavy, sticky creams, the sebaceous glands become confused and slow production of sebum, causing your skin to become even drier, tight and pallid. Similarly, when those of us with oily complexions or acne repeatedly strip our skin with harsh astringents, our sebaceous glands over-compensate with an increased production of sebum, making your skin oilier and more prone to breakouts. Your sebaceous glands understand the structure of the plant oils we use at Nahla Beauty, which work with, not against your skin’s natural oil production to leave skin balanced and healthy.

What Products Should I Use At Night?

While you sleep, your skin performs vital functions that detoxify, repair and regenerate skin. The less you interfere with this process, the better your skin will look. In the evening, gently cleanse your face, mask if you like, mist with toner and gently and lovingly press the herbal mist into the skin. While still damp from toning, apply a fine layer of the night care serum right for your skin type. Not sure which one is right for you? Shop by skin type here. In the morning, cleanse your face first thing to remove impurities and toxins expelled onto the skin's surface overnight.

Is A Toner Really Necessary?

Yes. Toners balance your skin’s pH levels, remove residual sebum, surface debris and remnants from the cleansing process. Deeply conditioning and clarifying, they prime the skin, increasing the absorption of your moisturizer. Think of toning as an insurance policy for beautiful skin.

What Are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are the aqueous solutions of essential oils obtained by steam distilling fresh plant material. They contain living, vital plant elements in a mild, soothing distillate form perfect for all skin types but especially suitable for sensitive, dehydrated, reactive and blemish prone skin.

Aren’t Essential Oils Irritating To The Skin?

Many people perceive essential oils as irritating and it’s no wonder. The marketplace is saturated with cosmetics excessively scented with essential oils that are unsuitable for skin or containing irritating fragrance oils labeled as essential oils. We have a thorough understanding of essential oils, both in terms of the therapeutic properties and aroma, and utilize over 150 in the formulation of Nahla Beauty products. Our essential oil formulas are blended first for improving the health and vitality of the skin and second for creating a beautiful aroma.

Which Products Are Vegetarian? Vegan?

Our entire product line is vegetarian and most are also vegan. The only animal ingredients we do work with are honey and beeswax from our own sustainably and naturally managed hives and organic milk protein from a local farm. Whether a product is vegetarian or vegan is clearly indicated on our website, as well as the product’s label.

Can Your Jars and Bottles Be Recycled?

Of course! All of our products are packaged in easily recyclable glass. Just pop them into the recycling bin or visit a recycling center in your area. And of course, you can always clean out the container and re-use it, which is the best kind of recycling.

Are Your Products Tested On Animals?

Absolutely not! We take animal testing very seriously, are 100% cruelty free and certified by Leaping Bunny. This means our ingredients, formulas and finished products are never tested on animals. The only animal ingredients we use are organic milk protein, honey and beeswax from sources that are verifiably healthy, ethical and humane.