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At Nahla Beauty, we have a long demonstrated commitment to the health of our customers, employees, community and planet.

Our passion for doing things the old fashioned way starts with painstaking research on the origin of our ingredients - working with small organic and bio-dynamic farms and artisan producers to source only the ingredients that meet our strict guidelines for purity, sustainability and quality.

Our human powered manufacturing practices don't use heavy machinery, result in virtually no carbon footprint and ensure the small batch quality we crave. Post manufacturing, the spent organic plant material from the formulation of our products is composted onsite and used in our gardens.

Despite the high cost, we continue to only bottle in clean, healthy and recyclable glass, right down to our samples. We forgo flashy packaging that ultimately winds up in a landfill for a sleek, simplistic design that has a minimal environmental impact and is easily recyclable.

This same common sense approach is applied at our company headquarters where we apply strict waste reduction methods across all company channels, operate on green power, recycle like it's going out of style and operate a local recycling program that re-purposes large shipping boxes and packing materials.